Front view of stands with the dice tower in the center.
Rear view of the stands.
View showing the way the stands slot into the wall sections.
View of the three separate pieces that make up the product.
Hand dropping dice into the dice tower.
A .gif of dice being dropped into the tower.
An example of what a complete arena looks like with two dice tower sections.

Arena Seating & Dice Tower

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A wall section with stadium seating, and a central dice tower to contain your rolls. Each piece slides over the outside of the Gladiatorial Arena Walls, and can be moved freely around to be placed where you would like. Each fully assembled section can be slotted into each other but can be separated into pieces for travel.

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Columns, miniatures, and arena floor are not included with this item. The full set of arena walls can be found here. The game Arena Rex and the miniatures pictured (with the exception of the Minotaur) belong to Red Republic Games. This item is provided un-assembled and un-painted.